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Siri Briggs Brown has been dedicated to promoting cultural immersion and understanding by organizing enriching cultural immersion tours to overseas destinations known for their rich African heritage. Dr. Brown's passion for the Black/African experience and her profound knowledge of Black history inspire community leaders, scholars, and visionary artists worldwide to seek partnerships with her, collaboratively developing educational immersion tour itineraries. Through Global Academics, Dr. Brown is redefining the role of cultural education by providing immersive travel experiences. She firmly believes that her mission statement, "to create learning that lasts a lifetime," is best achieved by immersing travelers in the culture and engaging them in discussions about the history, people, and diverse richness of the Black experience.

Dr. Brown's remarkable contributions have been recognized through several prestigious awards and grants, underscoring her outstanding achievements in education and cultural understanding. Some notable accolades she has received include the Merritt College Outstanding Achievement Award, the Chancellor's Achievement Award, and the OUSD State of Black Education award. Furthermore, Dr. Brown has secured substantial funding, including a management position funding of $225,000 from the City of Oakland's Oakland Promise program. Her grant writing expertise has also been instrumental in acquiring significant grants, such as the Fulbright Research Awards, where she served as the project lead and grant writer, receiving total funding of $180,000. Additionally, she has spearheaded the Africana Studies Community Research Center, originating the project and securing a generous grant of $500,000. Dr. Brown has also demonstrated her skill in corporate fundraising, raising $80,000 annually for the Merritt College Study Abroad Program. Moreover, she has successfully secured a $25,000 Science and Technology Grant for Oakland, CA, through her exceptional grant writing abilities.

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